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为了获得本研究的结果,在内容分析方法(Gray, 2004)的基础上,对三种仪器采集的数据进行了分类、三角化和验证。因此,由于在调查中有明确的预先确定的关切,从使用的不同文书中所得到的数据被打破、比较和对比。通过这种方式,我们可以对收集到的信息进行推断,这有助于系统地识别其中的特殊特征,并对分析过程进行分析(Gray, 2004)。三角化和验证因此,通过报告、解释和讨论教师对虚拟教室使用的信念,以及在这种环境下促进自主、协作和有意义的学习,提出了这一调查的结果。此外,为了超越单纯的描述,在每一个类别中,我们都提出了将学习兴趣的概念纳入本研究的方法。


In order to obtain the results of this study, the data collected by means of the three instruments was classified, triangulated and validated following the Content Analysis Approach (Gray, 2004). Thus, as there were clear pre-established concerns in the inquiry, the data, from the different instruments used, was broken down, compared and contrasted. In this fashion, we could reach inferences about the information gathered, which helped to systematically identify especial characteristics within them and ground the process of analysis (Gray, 2004). As a result, the outcomes of this inquiry are presented by reporting, interpreting and discussing the teachers’ beliefs identified regarding the use of virtual classrooms and the promotion of autonomous, collaborative and meaningful learning in this environment. Besides, in an attempt to go beyond the mere description, in every category analyzed we propose ways in which the inclusion of the educational concepts of interest in this study can be enhanced.


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