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性关系教育(SRE)在学校,家长认为在孩子很小的时候就教育孩子是不合适的,而有些学校可能同意在孩子很小的时候就教育他们性教育。在世界的某些地方,这似乎是恰当的。性一般来说是禁忌在西方社会(Alldred,2016)和一个话题不谈孩子,尽管它是一个有益的话题具有正面和负面impa9/5ct在孩子的发展中这就是为什么有些家长不希望他们的孩子在学校被教导在年轻的时候。(同上)在一些地方,孩子们没有接受过性教育,在比以往任何时候都多的地方,包括音乐视频和社交媒体发挥了重要作用。从小接受教育的孩子更了解避孕以及如何保护自己免受疾病伤害。以下的作业将探讨性教育的历史、儿童接受性教育的权利以及性教育是否在学校从小就开始教授的正面和负面影响。从家长的角度来看,性教育不应该在学校里进行,这通常涉及到保护儿童不接触性知识,甚至在整个历史时期,儿童无辜和脆弱的观念都不是什么新鲜事,这可以追溯到7世纪以后。根据卢梭(Marshall, 1994)的说法,在这段时间里,所有的孩子天生都是善良和无辜的,需要得到保护。这是由于童年的构建,因为我们仍然倾向于保护我们的孩子不让他们知道性知识,人们过去有一个消极的信息,一个孩子谁知道se不是无辜的,他或她更可能是腐败或邪恶的。(引自英国图书馆,2016年)这进一步得到了Robinson, 2013年的支持,一个对性有很好的理解的孩子被认为是非无辜的,甚至是一个堕落的孩子。


Sex relationship education (SRE) in schools which often is seen as inappropriate by parents to teach children at a very young age whereas some may agree to the idea of teaching sex education to children at a young age. Some part of the world it seemed to be appropriate. Sex in general is taboo in western society (Alldred, 2016) and a topic not talk about to children even though it is a beneficial topic which have both positive and negative impa9/5ct on a child`s developing this is why some parents do not want their children to be taught in school at a young age. (ibid) In some places children are not being taught sex education and in more places than ever before including music videos and social media is playing a big part. Children who were taught at a very young are more aware of birth control and how to protect themselves from any harm of disease. This following assignment will explore on the history of sex education, children`s rights to sex education as well as the positive and negative impact on whether sex education is taught in schools from young age and onwards. From the parent perspective, sex education should not be taught in schools this often involved protecting children from the knowledge of sex even throughout history the idea of children being innocent and vulnerable is not new and this dates back to the period of the 7th century onwards. During this time according to Rousseau (Marshall, 1994) all children were born naturally good and innocent with the need to be protected. This is because of the construction of childhood as we still tend to protect our children from the knowledge of sex people used to have a negative message a child who knows anything about se is not innocent he or she is more likely to be corrupt or wicked. (Cited in the British Library, 2016) This was further supported by Robinson, 2013 that a child seeming to have a good understanding about sexuality is seen as non-innocent or even a corrupted child.


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