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这项研究的发现表明,成人学习者的年龄与他们的教育工作者提供反馈是否会对他们的认知产生影响有很大的关系。在这项研究中,它给人的印象是,越老的学习者,被调查者对教学和学习的不同部分的好感度就越高。本研究的发现与以往的研究一致,该研究建议所有的学习者在评估自己的学习时都需要帮助,而许多成年学习者对自己的学习能力感到不确定,需要直接和重要的反馈(Clardy, 2005)。文献中充满了反馈有助于加强学习者最近学到的知识的结论,也给出了改变的建议(Knowles, 1984;梅里厄姆和Caffarella,1999年)。学习者需要承认他们在学习过程中所学习到的东西;如果进行了修正,就会增加他们的变化。年龄较大的成人学习者就越希望得到全面、一致的反馈。这项研究发现,年龄较大(46岁至55岁)的学习者比年龄较小(25岁至35岁)的学习者对来自教育者的反馈更不满意。成人学习者的年龄与年龄是否对其在教学和学习的其他方面的感知有较大的关系。


Findings in this research recommended that there was a considerable connection between the age of an adult learner and whether it had an impact on their perception when it came to their educators providing feedback. In this research, it creates the impression that the older the learner, the more prominent the probability that respondents were more favourable to the different parts of teaching and learning than young learners. Findings in this research are consistent with past research, which recommends that while all learners require help with evaluating their learning, many adult learners feel uncertain about their learning capacities, and need direct and significant feedback . The literature is full with conclusions that feedback helps to reinforce the learner’s recently learned knowledge, and also give recommendations to change . Learners need acknowledgment about their learning in the event that it is viewed as well done; if correction is given, it additionally adds to their change . The older adult learners become the more they want thorough and consistent feedback. This research uncovered that those learners in the older age groups (between the ages of 46 and 55) were less happy with feedback received from educators than learners in the younger age groups (between the ages of 25 and 35). There was no major relationship found between the age of the adult learner and whether age impacted learners’ perception when it came to the remaining aspects of teaching and learning.


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