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它是解决动物如野生动物、海洋生物和农场动物被排除在反虐待。这些动物大多被兽医用来行医或研究这些可怜的动物。当他们在海洋生物上进行实验,看到他们身上没有疼痛和眼泪并不意味着他们没有感觉到,我相信这些动物会感到疼痛和针,就像我们去看医生时一样。现在有人说,公民现在可以提起民事诉讼,起诉虐待动物的人。其他科学家治疗这些动物不公平,有人在这里谁囤积的动物!想象一下那是多么的不公平和残酷!有人这么自私,养了这些动物却没有照顾它们?这对任何动物被囤积他们不让问,惩罚是不公平的。对那些这样对待动物的人应该有更严厉的法律。对动物的护理和治疗有要求和标准,除了我向你们证明的以外,这个国家需要终止的主要事情是测试动物产品!我很反对这一点,我认为这样对待这些动物是不公平的或有益的。事实证明,当一个产品出了差错,动物会继续受到伤害,并被放回笼子里,它会继续到下一个动物,直到他们得到产品的权利!我们需要找到一种方法让科学家停止对这些动物的试验。作者Jeremy Rifkin与我们分享,这些动物是不是在这个地球上,被捕获的测试,他们应该在野外被吃掉不通过实验去错杀了。我知道有人在那里打猎和吃动物,但这是一个不同的故事,从像生物学家收集整个动物的动物,并针在他们看到最终结果。有超过15万种动物生活在实验室等待测试。我不明白这些人怎么会觉得这不公平,任何动物都不应该把自己的一生关在笼子里,或者任何科学家选择把它们放进笼子里。我敢肯定,小说作家只和我们分享他们想让我们知道的东西,而不是分享实验室墙壁背后发生的事情。这些动物应该得到公正审判!不是来自一篇文章,而是来自我们,政府,每个人。


It is addressed that animals such as wildlife, marine life and farm animals are to be excluded from anit-cruelty. Most of these animals are used by veterinarians to practice medicine or research on these poor animals. When they experiment on marine life and see no pain or tears come out of them doesn’t mean they don’t feel it, I’m sure these animals feel pain and needles just like we do when we go to the doctors. It is now said that a citizen is now able to file a civil suit against a person who is abusing an animals for their personal wants. Other than scientist treating these animals unfair there are people out here who hoarder animals! Just imagine how unfair and cruel that is! Someone so selfish to keep all these animals but not take care of them? This is unfair for any animal who is kept by a hoarder they didn’t ask for that punishment. There should be a more sever laws towards people who do this to animals. There are requirements and standards for care and treatment for animals.Other than the statements I have proven to you, the main thing that this country needs to end is testing products on animals! I am very against this I do not find it fair or useful for these animals to be treated this way. It is proven that when a product goes wrong the animal stays damaged and gets put back in the cage it goes and on to the next animal until they get the product right! We need to find a way to get scientist to stop testing on these animals. As the author Jeremy Rifkin shared with us, these animals are not put on this earth to be captured and tested on, they deserve to be out in the wild and be killed by getting eaten not by experiments going wrong. I understand that there are people out there who hunt and eat animals but that is a different story from people like biologists collecting a whole load of animals and sticking needles in them to see the end results. There are over 1500 hundred animals living in a laboratory waiting to be tested on. I don’t understand how these people don’t find it unfair, no animal deserves to live their whole life locked in a cage or whatever these scientist choose to put them in. I’m sure that novel writers share with us only what they want us to know but, don’t share what really happens behind the walls of a laboratory. These animals deserve justice! Not from an article, but from us, the government, everyone.


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