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On March 10, 2017 when I was in my English class, my phone vibrated as messages from the school warned student to stay away from an evacuated area on the campus. The evacuation was then lifted after a suspicious item was found and determined to be safe. This was the first time I had encountered such security activities which raised my awareness of firearms on campus. In the wake of several campus shootings, the heated controversy surrounding the permit of guns on campus has circulated the nation for years. Even though people should have rights to protect themselves, it is not enough reason to allow guns within learning institutions, therefore, I believe guns should be banned on campus.First, presence of guns on campus will have negative impacts on the dynamics of learning environment. College campuses are the living and learning community of students and staff from different backgrounds, where freedom and openness in academic debate and intellectual exchange are encouraged. If guns are allowed in campus, the entire campus community will be in fear of their life, wondering if other fellow students or staff are carrying any guns and can pull them out if a dispute arises. Lecturers could fear that the students with poor grades may threaten them for better grades. An example is the notorious campus shooting at the University of Arizona in 2002: a failing nursing student shot three professors to death due to his anger and depression (Holguin). Campus will become emotionally threatening and crime-oriented environment. Dangerous weapons should never be carried around, even in concealed form, in such open learning environment.


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