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从临床角色到领导角色的转变是职业护士职业生涯发展中最具挑战性的转变之一。护士必须准备为领袖谁是主管,灵活,并能激励他人的适应变化(grohar Murray &阑干,2011)。有效的护士领导必须与员工沟通,管理压力,做出决定,明智地处理权力。此外,管理人员必须掌握和培养技能,如财务和变革管理、文化素养和人员开发和评价。新护士管理者应具备管理和领导能力,在转型期需要良好的导师和指导方案。本文的目的是提出一个新的经理导向计划的发展建议。有效的护士管理人员对实现医院的病人护理任务及其财务可行性至关重要(卡思卡特,2010)。新的护士经理应该意识到影响当今医疗保健的问题。由于护理工作的压力越来越大,医疗费用日益昂贵,护士经理导向计划应该包括如何做好预算编制和安全的人员配备和人员保留,从而有助于提供安全和有效的病人护理。护士长在维护病人安全和优质护理方面承担着重大责任。


An advancement from a clinical role to a leadership role is one of the most challenging transformations for professional nurses in their career development. Nurses must be prepared as leaders who are competent, flexible, and able to energize others to adapt to change (Grohar-Murray & Langan, 2011). Effective nurse leaders must communicate with their staff, manage stress, make decisions and handle power wisely. Additionally, managers must acquire and cultivate skills such as financial and change management, cultural literacy and personnel development and evaluation. The new nurse managers should acquire the qualities of management and leadership and need good mentors and orientation program in the transition. The purpose of this paper is to present a proposal for the development of a new manager orientation program. Effective nurse managers are crucial in achieving the hospital’s patient care mission and its financial viability (Cathcart, 2010). New nurse managers should be aware of problems that affect today’s health care. Since the nursing job is getting more and more stressful and the health care is getting more expensive day by day, the nurse manager orientation program should include the ways to do good budgeting and safe staffing and retention of staff which helps in delivering safe and effective patient care. Nurse manager has great responsibility in maintaining a safe and quality patient care in the unit.


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