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有很多球队在教育和儿童服务的伞工作,一个特别的团队,团队的特殊教育需要,本研究将重点放在特殊教育需要协调人的角色(SENCO)。对该角色已经正式成立cowne,E(2003)由于实践的DFE 1994码(1994)在英国和威尔士所有的学校都要求有一个指定的教师在角色的特殊教育需要协调员(SENCO)。但很多学校都该是在这之前,作为已经发展自1980年代中期,当该培训已经在大多数地方开始。实践DFE 1994码(1994)详细的任务,应包括在该角色。这些任务包括与外部机构包括教育心理服务和其他支持机构联络,医疗和社会服务的志愿团体和DFE(1994段2.14)。守则的修订(2001)加入英国负责管理教师森团队和学习支持助理在教育机构在最近它的意义是重新肯定。“该是发挥了关键作用,在满足儿童森建设学校的能力和技能,因为他们在通知其他员工对森的事情至关重要的作用,与父母在多代理领域的工作,有大量的文献对该公司的研究人员撰写的相关学者和从业者,特别是,自然,将与该工作条件已受到相当大的兴趣。在学校层面,期望,和该活动的工作条件仍然充满变数。


There are many teams working within the umbrella of education and child services, one particular team is that of the Special Educational Needs team, this case study will focus on the role of the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo). The role of the SENCo has been formally established Cowne, E (2003) since the 1994 code of practice DFE (1994) when all schools in England and Wales were required to have a designated teacher in the role of special educational needs coordinator (SENCo). But many schools had SENCo’s before that date, as the role had been developing since the mid 1980’s when training of SENCo’s had begun in most LEAs. The 1994 code of practice DFE (1994) detailed the tasks that should be covered in the role of the SENCo. These tasks included liaising with external agencies including the educational psychology service and other support agencies, medical and social services and voluntary bodies DFE (1994, para 2.14). A revised code of practice Dfes (2001) added the responsibility of managing the SEN team of teachers and learning support assistants within the educational establishment where recently (2006) it’s significance was re-affirmed. ‘SENCo’s play a key role in building schools’ capacity and skills in meeting children’s SEN because of their crucial role in advising other members of staff on SEN matters, linking with parents and working within the multi-agency arena.’ There is substantial literature related to SENCo’s authored by researchers, academics and practitioners, in particular, the nature, remit and working conditions of SENCo’s have been the subject of considerable interest. At school-level, the expectations on, activities of and working condition of SENCo’s remain highly variable.


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