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The classroom environment plays an important role in setting up the ideal classroom. Children working in collaboration, their perfect involvement in all sorts of activities and a fully resourced classroom are essential in order to produce effective learning which was also made clear through the video clips on WebCT, the differences between the experiences of the teachers who worked in the UK classrooms and in a classroom in Kenya. In the Kenyan classroom whole class teaching is conducted, the children were used to lecture based instruction and they were not given any individual attention. Further in the classroom the children were so quiet, well obedient and listening to their teacher but there was no teacher student talk at all and no classroom resources or teaching aids were included in their learning. The layout of the classroom would never cater the individual needs of the children. It is obvious effective learning will never take place in such kind of a classroom rather the children should be engaged in group activities and learning through play which will enable them to develop their thinking skills and become more independent in thoughts and action. The classroom should be fully stocked with useful resources like games and puzzles, flash cards, reading books and proper displays on the wall. These resources were very useful for the children in my classroom as this helped them to experience with wider variety of learning, working in groups, socialising with each other, peer learning and reached the children with a variety of learning styles, especially visual learners, and students with a variety of information acquisition styles. More over these resources engaged my boys in problem-solving and investigative activities too. At times these resources helped me to engage those on task who demonstrated extremely challenging behaviour.


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