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老的妥协者亨利。克莱在1850年提出了妥协,以维持两个不同国家之间的和平。粘土、卡尔霍恩和韦伯斯特建议加州应该承认作为一个自由州,虽然奴隶可以合法持有承认,应该废除奴隶贸易在华盛顿特区南部的州,他们提供了更强的逃奴法案,这是返回逃跑奴隶的主人使用武力。“另外,西部的其他新界如新墨西哥和犹他州也被开放给奴隶制”(Keesee 265)。1850年的妥协案辩论了大约8个月,最终通过了。总统泰勒不同意这种妥协,说它可以分割领土并延长奴隶制。他的期望变成了现实,当《逃亡奴隶法案》带来了一个反结果,唤醒了北方人民关于奴隶制的问题。同样,辉格党也将他们的名字改为共和党。


The old compromiser Henry Clay addressed the Compromise of 1850 in order to keep the peace between the two different powers. Clay, Calhoun, and Webster proposed that California should be admitted as a free state, and while the slave holding could be legally admitted, the Slave trade should be abolished in Washington D.C. For the South states, they offered stronger fugitive slave act, which was to return the runaway slaves back to their owners by using force. “Also, the other new territories in the west such as New Mexico and Utah were opened to slavery” (Keesee 265). The Compromise of 1850 was debated for around 8 months and finally passed. The president Taylor disagreed with the Compromise, saying that it could divide the territories and extend slavery. His anticipation turned into reality when the fugitive slave act brought a counter result, awakening people in the North about the slavery issue. Likewise, the Whigs party changed their name as the Republicans.


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