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The librarian said that not very many of the 11th grade students felt guilty downloading music without paying for it. They just do not think about the livelihood of the individuals. They do not think about what it takes to invent or create music or the amount of effort involved. Those students that are 17 years or older do not feel very guilty about downloading music illegally even though they do understand the ramifications. The students do have a sense of morality. They recognize the implications of unethical behaviour when it comes to misuse of a friend’s e-mail or pictures and they understand the dangers of predators and thus keep private information off the Internet. Basically the author states that they teach the grade 11 students the ramifications of illegally copying music but when the students reach the 12th grade they could care less. If we use the same approach teaching the ethics framework in computer science we do better to just scrap that component. Perhaps we should not preach to the students or to focus on a specific facet of the ethics debate but to have the students create their own ethics. If they are going to copy music they should have to defend their act ethically. I think our goals should be for students to use ethics to create reason. The focus should not be on whether they do or do not copy music. As teachers we should focused on the bigger picture. We need to focus on learning objectives and not commercial objectives.


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