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另一方面,在“摇摆木马获胜者”的设置是非常不同的,在作者没有陈述的信息,日期或时间的故事。人们可以假设这个故事发生在英国的某个地方,在第一次世界大战后的那个时代,故事发生在读者不知道的地方(伦敦附近)。此外,劳伦斯介绍,在利物浦,在英国–萨里的主要种族,南约克郡等相比,古德曼的旅程,设置毕业生从光明到黑暗他旅行,房子(主要设置)在木马赢家成为困扰因为它吸收了邪恶的情绪(贪婪、自怜)的母亲。每一个故事都充满了象征善恶的象征,Lawrence is Paul的故事主角是奥斯卡叔叔和海丝特母亲。保罗是一个非常年轻的男孩,他试图找到“好运”,这意味着给他的母亲钱。他开始骑木马疯狂,尽管他已超越它,表明了他的态度是他的母亲。在资金余额,他的母亲在还不高兴。此外,海丝特(保罗的母亲)是没有能力去爱别人。她没有给孩子们太多的爱,所以保罗不仅想赢得金钱,也要赢得她的爱和关注。海丝特不仅迷恋金钱,而且对钱也不负责任。然而,她没有付债务,而是把钱花在买新东西上。她也没有表达对这突如其来的意外的感激,是什么定义了她的消极性格。另一方面,非常慷慨的保罗似乎完全没有意识到自己已经超越了父母的责任。


On the other hand, the setting is very different in “The Rocking-Horse Winner”, where the author does not state the information, the date or time on the story. One can assume that the story takes place somewhere in England, in the times after World War I. The story takes place at home in the area reader does not know about (near or in London). In addition, Lawrence describes the major races in England – in Liverpool, Surrey, South Yorkshire etc. Compared to Goodman’s journey where the setting graduates from light to darkness as he travels, the house (the main setting) in The Rocking-Horse Winner becomes haunted as it absorbs the evil emotions (greed, self-pity) of the mother. So each story is rich with symbols that represent the contrast between good and evil.The protagonist of the story by Lawrence is Paul, other characters are uncle Oscar and mother Hester. Paul is a very young boy who tries to find “luck”, meaning money for his mother. He begins to ride his rocking horse furiously, even though he has outgrown it, what shows his attitude towards his mother. After making an outstanding amount of money, his mother stays still unhappy. Moreover, Hester (Paul’s mother) is incapable of loving others. She does not give much love to her children, so Paul tries to win not only money but also her love and attention. Hester is not only obsessed with money, but she is also irresponsible with the money she does get. However, instead of paying her debts, she spends the money on new things for the house. She also does not express any thanks for this sudden windfall, what defines her negative personality. On the other hand, very generous Paul seems completely unaware that he has overtaken responsibilities that are rightly his parents.


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