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小学教育是至关重要的因为孩子是未来的希望和至关重要的资源,一个国家可以有。因此,他们必须接受教育,创建一个国家,主要是通过公民能够参与国家建设。许多国家重点投资于其他领域,而基础教育是最少的关注。这在发展中国家尤为常见。因此,变成了不利的影响,当一个国家包括更大的人口比例是文盲。文盲是许多错误的支柱,人们由于缺乏信息。因此,例如,很多痛苦发生在人们不知道他们的权利由于无知和缺乏教育。他们最终遭受虐待的情况下恶劣的工作条件和关系。也有疾病如艾滋病毒和艾滋病的传播由于高水平的文盲。所有这些是可以避免的,如果人们至少得到基本的教育,使阅读和得到通知(长,2000)。 小学教育是贫困导致负面影响学习者的创造。例如,小学教育决定了孩子的成长和发展的各个方面的社会。因此,贫困小学教育孩子养成坏习惯的基础形式和行为,不良的学习习惯,以及贫穷的学术。因此,小学教育质量差或没有它会导致高水平的文盲在工厂工作的人,部门、农场和医院不高效由于缺乏适当的技能和知识。因此,小学教育是最关键的一步,孩子的教育事业以来,在儿童的发展是很有帮助的。它形状成学习者、思想家和社会。小学给孩子机会去释放多余的能量通过活动和游戏,创造创新发展途径和给媒体的情感。这些机构也使孩子满足同行和成年人帮助他们唠叨和培育通过他们的思想和想象力发展思想.


Elementary education is essential since children are the hope of the future and the vital resource that a nation can have. Therefore, they have to be educated so as create a nation that is focused by having citizens who are able to participate in nation building. Many nations focus on investing in other sectors whereas the elementary education is given minimal attention. This is especially common in developing countries. Consequently, the impact becomes adverse when a nation comprises of a population whose greater percentage is illiterate. Illiteracy is the backbone of many errors that people make due to lack of information. Consequently, a lot of suffering occurs when for instance, people do not know their rights due to ignorance and lack of education. They end up suffering in abusive situations like poor working conditions and relationships. There is also the spread of disease like the HIV and Aids due to high levels of illiteracy. All these can be avoided if people get at least the basic education that will enable to read and get informed (Long, 2000).Elementary education that is poor leads to the creation of negative effects on the learners. For instance, elementary education determines the growth and development of various aspects of a child in regard to the society. Therefore, poor elementary education forms the foundation in which children develop bad habits and behaviors, poor habits of studying, as well as poor academic excellence. Therefore, Â Having poor quality of primary education or the absence of it leads to high levels of illiteracy such that people who work in factories, ministries, farms and hospitals are not efficient due to lack of the appropriate skills and knowledge. Consequently, elementary education is the most crucial step that children take in their educational career since it is helpful during children’s formative development. It shapes them into learners, thinkers and social beings. Elementary schools give children opportunities to release their surplus energies through activities and play, create avenues for creativity development and gives outlets for emotions. These institutions also enable children to meet peers and adults who assist them in verbalizing and cultivating the ideas and imaginations that go through their developing minds


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