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Transferable skills mean the skills which we have and that skill is transferred or used in doing other work. It is important to have good transferable skills because it helps us doing new work. Example if we are a good team player we can transfer our that skill in job which would really benefit us very much because in work place we meet different type of people and different people think differently so we should be able to work together with other people to run a office properly. Likewise if somebody is a manager in a workplace then he should be able to lead the people otherwise there may be a problem and the management cannot go smooth. Likewise if we have good mass communication skills then we can impress people by our words and thoughts. And we would be able to express yourself to the world.If we have good skills in learning and reading, then we will be able to know other’s idea and with the help of that ideas we have create new different idea. Example Newton had created three laws which are used in science for doing many different things. So it has helped science in many ways. Similarly, we need to have transferable skills like


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