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takes the view that Therefore, the question of who teaches music has a direct bearing on primary school’s culture. If, for example, the lessons of a primary classroom taught by not only one teacher, in order to prepare the children for secondary education, music cannot constitute an exception. While, if the primary class educators teach all curriculum subjects, not special arrangements should be made for music, because this might reduce children’s confidence to get involved with Nowadays, primary teachers are responsible to teach all the curriculum subjects. Particularly, the National Curriculum Music Working Group specified in 1991 that Under these circumstances, an important argument in favour of the generalist educators is that by taking agreeably the responsibility to teach music, they influence positively children’s attitudes to music lesson. A teaching model which concerns music as a special subject and needs to be taught by a special educator with extremely musical knowledge and skills, leads the child to the assumption that music is not accessible for all. However, if every primary school teacher takes part in music lessons, the pupils realise that music is for everyone


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