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阿斯顿大学教授Nathan Page博士组织了学习者配对。为了使程序公平,我把几个学习者的名字放在一顶帽子里,随意地选了一个名字。在我接受采访之前,我完成了一份伦理表格,并准备了我想问我的学习者的问题。由于大学伦理委员会要求所有涉及人类学科的研究都提交伦理审查表,我的表格必须在我能在面试中取得进展之前获得批准。这也确保了我的研究达到了大学期望的伦理研究标准。我的面试发生在2016/17学年第一学期的第11周。在准备面试时,我考虑了我的研究中可能出现的一些伦理问题,例如:题目背后的敏感性、学习者的英语水平和面试中可能出现的不适。我把采访记录为研究目的,所以我还得考虑一下由此产生的任何问题。为了保护学习者,我通过在这个案例研究中使用假名进一步强调了他们的匿名权来解决这些问题。录音是在密码保护的设备上进行的,没有共享,一旦这项研究完成,将被删除。他们在口头上和同意书上清楚地表明了学生撤回的权利,以及她在面试前签署的其他权利。从曼恩(2011)的观点出发,我保证在面试过程中更专注于自己,通过影响学习者的反应,在一定程度上,我能有效地控制面试的方向,同时也能让学习者灵活地回答她的问题。这样可以减少对我安全的风险,同时保持对学习者的注意。使用共同构建,我可以引出与我的分析相关的某些细节,否则可能没有得到。


Dr Nathan Page, a professor at Aston University, organised the pairing of learners. To make the process fair, several names of learners were placed into a hat and I picked a name at random. Prior to my interview I completed an ethics form as well as preparing the questions I planned to ask my learner. As the University Ethics Committee requires all research involving human subjects to submit ethics forms for review, my form had to be approved before I could progress with the interview. This also ensures my research meets the standards of ethical research expected by the University. My interview took place in week 11 of the first term in the 2016/17 academic year. In preparing for my interview I considered some of the ethical issues which could arise from my research such as; the sensitivity behind subject matters, the English proficiency levels of my learner and any discomfort that may arise during the interview. I recorded the interview for research purposes so I also had to consider any issues which may result from this. To protect the learner, I addressed these issues by expressing their right to anonymity further emphasised with the use of a pseudonym throughout this case study. The recording was taken on a password protected device, not shared and will be deleted as soon as this research is completed. Their right to withdraw was made clear to the learner verbally and on a consent form, along with the other rights, which she signed prior to the interview. Taking point from Mann (2011) I ensured greater focused remained on myself during the interview, by influencing the learner’s responses to a certain extent I could effectively control the direction of the interview while still giving the learner flexibility to elaborate her answers. This minimised the risk to my safety while remaining mindful of the learner. Using co-construction, I could elicit certain details which were of relevance to my analysis that otherwise, may not have been obtained.


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