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Individual learning is children learn at their own pace with teacher’s minimal guidance. It benefits pupils which abilities differ as some of them had minimal pre-school education. Penn (1995) cited “even though studies suggest there might be wash-out effect, but there may be immediate differences in starting school. I will let pupils to explore the topic by themselves as Edwards and Mercer (1987) lament there is evidence in common knowledge by that teachers tend to dominate what happens in the classroom that prevent children to become less independent. (Dean:1992) In order to complete task, pupils will ask question. I will explain “what” and “how” questions whereas pupils will learn to ask better question as Fisher (1995) says they move to “why” and “what for” questions that trigger more complex responses from the teacher. More often than not, I always ended up asking closed ended questions. With individual learning, I train pupils to ask good questions that provides intellectual challenges according to Bloom’s taxonomy of teaching skills, that move from simple knowledge / recall questions through questions that ask for comprehension / explanation, and application, then analysis / synthesis, and evaluation as explained by Fisher (1995) which also defined a good question fits into a pattern that offer progressive and productive challenge to learning. Hence I support Bruner’s idea of “scaffolding to new learning.


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