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One model is to simply have each school pay for its own costs and then split the revenues generated. This avoids the problem of determining methods for allocating expenses. Each institution decides what budgetary expenses should be included in the project. It may also avoid the problem of costs at one location being more or less than the other. One disadvantage may be that the model relies on each to equitably support the operational expenses. If the collaboration is online there probably needs to be some formula for the online production and hosting of the courses. Sharing the revenues also has advantages and disadvantages. It does assume that there is some equity in the numbers of students recruited by each partner; otherwise, it is possible one school is contributing more than the other.A second model is to still have each school budget its own expenses, but have each school keep the revenues it generates through its own recruiting efforts. This model might include each school compensating the other when a student takes a course(s) from the other school. Or each school simply keeps the revenue it generates. The advantage to this model is that it is clear and each school is separately at risk. The disadvantage is that assuming costs are equal in most cases, one school may generate more revenue than the other one and therefore the partnership might be uneven.


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