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Viola’s disguise soon turns into a dilemma, while falling in love with Orsino; she innocently becomes the object of affection of Olivia, the woman she is suppose to help fall in love with Orsino. Orsino looks past the disguise of Cesario and falls in love with Viola regardless of her depictions. When Orsino learns that Cesario is really Viola his actions are surprising. Orsino gives no second thought to the fact that he has fallen in love with a woman while she was disguised as a man. Viola crosses the boundary deception in taking on a disguise to make the Duke fall in love with her.Maria and Sir Toby’s wedding at the end of the play was very surprising. Sir Toby who is a drunk and has a bit of noble blood falls in love With Olivia’s maid Maria. Sir Toby love for Maria is not because she is beautiful or very attractive but because of her cleverness in handling the hoax on Malvolio “I could marry this wench for this device.” Act (II, IV, 1208). Sir Toby is willing to cross to boundary of social class by marring Maria who happens to be beneath him in society.In conclusion in Twelfth Night Shakespeare’s commentary on love and romance is that most times it is transparent, that people have their own agendas for their feelings, whether it be beauty, power, or social advancement. None of these characters actually had the true feeling of love, but all were melodramatic and flailed around like they had found the loves of their lives, their missing half.


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