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The findings or the results of the study consider the paired and individual levels. So, for the paired result, it was found that the highest SRTs level was performed by girl’s friendship pairings. Boys friendship pairing performed at the lowest level, while mid-SRTs levels are shown by both boy and girl acquaintance pairings. These findings were consistent across Year levels and ability levels. For the interviews, it revealed that male and female friendship pairs were likely to participate in different types of activity, with girls being school-inclusive and boys being school-exclusive.However, there was some argument on recent literature regarding to children’s performance on cognitive tasks. According to Galton et al (2003), performance in this activity will require quality relationships between pupils. This also leading some researches to argue that friendship grouping (pairing children) should be used more frequently within classrooms. In contrast, reviews of the friendship literature also identify that friendship is not a unitary concept; that there are developmental and relational variations of friendship, and that the expression of friendship activities may be modified through culture- especially gendered activity within cultures.


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