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后来,该toyotan代表团访问Piggly Wiggly,超市库存管理进行观察。超市维持微薄的大量股票充分迎合客户和短时间的员工,进行重新排序并立即补充库存。这表明了一个重要的方面,即消除了维持大量库存的需要,而且所有这些都是及时完成的。从这一哲学的线索,许多美国企业直接攻击高库存水平,但最终以惨败告终。这是因为美国企业不了解潜在的问题。维持低库存水平的原则也意味着应与供应商进行适当的调整,以便他们能够及时提供材料和零部件。对整个供应链进行全面的划分是必要的。美国汽车工业忽视了这一重要方面。它不可能一蹴而就。Toyotans承认,花了20年时间来实施JIT计划。


Later, the Toyotan delegation visited Piggly-Wiggly, the supermarket and observed how inventory management was carried out. The supermarket maintained scanty amounts of stock sufficient to cater to the customers and its employees for a short duration, stocks were reordered and instantly replenished. This indicated an important dimension, i.e., eliminating the need to maintain huge stocks and it was all done just-in-time. Taking cue from this philosophy, many US businesses made a direct attack on high inventory levels but ended in fiasco. This was because the American businesses did not understand the underlying issues. A principle of maintaining low levels of inventory also implies that proper alignment should be made with the vendors such that they were in a position to supply materials and components just-in-time. A complete delineation with the entire supply chain is necessary. This important aspect was ignored by the American automobile industry. It cannot be achieved overnight. Toyotans admitted that it took 20 years for them to implement JIT programme.


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