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高等教育的目标是满足两个主要需求:社会文化和国家发展。高等教育是个人发展潜能的机会。它满足了社会对高层次人才的需求。它的目标包括文化和物质发展。它培养出道德健全、能够在社会中扮演多种角色的人。一个国家的社会和经济发展取决于高等教育的性质和水平。著名教育家和决策者的论述和结论揭示了这一事实。在发达国家,高等教育在高质量人力资本生产中的作用是相当明显的。肯塔基州州长彭定康(Paul Patten)曾说:“作为州长,我把我的成功押在改变我们向人民提供高等教育的方式上。教育和经济发展是一条双轨,是我们迈向更高平台、实现提高人民生活水平的目标。在我担任副州长期间,作为经济发展部长,我在创造就业机会方面的经验帮助我关注我们企业的需求。这些企业是我们产品的客户:高等教育的毕业生。科技进步和全球竞争的加剧,要求我们培养学生的技能和思维能力,让他们能够分享我们国家的巨大繁荣。”他进一步强调高等教育的质量及其改善的必要性。他说:“高等教育遇到了麻烦。警告信号尚不清楚。它的用户(学生和家庭)认为它对日益平庸的服务收取了溢价。它的主要供应商(中学)经常不能提供满足最低标准的材料,它的受益人(雇主)经常对“成品”的质量感到失望。


The goal of higher education is to meet two principal needs: socio-cultural and developmental of a country. Higher education is an opportunity for individuals to develop their potential. It fulfils the needs for high-level manpower in a society. Its objectives include cultural and material development. It produces individuals who are morally sound and capable of multifarious roles in the society. It is a medium and vehicle for achieving an objective of higher vision, should endeavours, with commitment and larger spending, in higher education A country’s social and economic development depends on the nature and level of higher education. This fact is revealed by the statements and findings concluded by the prominent educationists and decision-makers. In the developed countries, the role of higher education in production of high quality human capital is quite evident. The Governor of the State of Kentucky, Paul Patten, once said, “I have staked my success as governor on changing the way we deliver higher education to our people. Education and economic development are the twin rails that will lead us to a higher plateau and help us achieve our goal of raising the standard of living in our state. My experience in creating jobs, as the secretary of the economic development, during my term as lieutenant governor, has helped me focus on the needs of our businesses. Those businesses are the customers of our product: the graduates in higher education. Increased technology and global competition demand that we develop our students’ skills and mental capacity so they can share in the tremendous prosperity of our nation”. He further emphasized on the quality of higher education and the need for its improvement. He commented, “higher education is in trouble. The warning signs could not be clear. Its users (students and families) think it charges a premium price for an increasingly mediocre service. Its primary suppliers (secondary schools) often fail to deliver material that meets minimum standards, and its beneficiaries (employers) often are frustrated by the quality of the “finished product” .


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