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What then is the ultimate secret to happiness? It is you. It is your ability to become active in life and become adept at solving your own problems effectively. Nobody can just tell you how to be happy because nobody knows what makes you happy. When you get involved in your own life and work hard at solving your own problems, you slowly gain the ability to deal with daily challenges. As you solve more of your problems, you can start to become happy. Your involvement in your own life is then the true secret to happiness and success. As you become happy and successful, you might feel the need to share this joy with the rest, which will only multiply your own success and happiness.Thinking positively about life comes automatically without any effort and when this attiude is combined with right action; you can expect great results and see all your dreams come true. As you focus on yourself and your own unique talents, being entirely satisfied with your life, you will become free of the limitation of competition. Then, you will experience a different level of joy.Do you know what is important to you in your life? Can you tell me what the values you stick by in your life? Most people cannot answer these questions because they don’t know what are their personal values are. They live by other peoples’ values. For example, an employee who lives according to the values of his employer such as accountability, work ethic, results and profits, might consider he is successful if he can live up to these values and get promoted. But for most people, success means much more than just earning money. Most of us may not define our success by how much we are able to please an employer by living by his values.


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