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我目前在XXXX大学工商管理研究生院做研究助理。我协助XXXX教授对跨国公司知识管理策略的研究,是与XXXX教授的合作工作。本研究从进化的角度考察了美国、欧洲和亚洲公司研发活动的国际化过程。我的主要职责是根据各职能领域对各公司的国际化进程进行研究,收集可供分析的定量数据。在这个过程中,我学习了如何管理一个联合研究项目,熟悉了日本的数据库,如XXXX, XXXX, XXXX。我强烈地感到,我的学习,加上我的研究经验,为我提供了一套多样化的知识和技能,使我成为该领域优秀的博士研究生。我的热情和乐观,再加上良好的管理理论基础,将为我成为一名成功的终身研究者提供动力。


I am presently working as a research assistant at the Graduate School of Business Administration at XXXX University. I am assisting Professor XXXX with his research on the knowledge management strategy of multinational corporations, which is a collaborative work with Professor XXXX of XXXX. This research examines the internationalization process of R&D activities of US, European, and Asian companies from an evolutionary perspective. My main responsibility is to conduct research on each company’s internationalization process according to functional areas and collect quantitative data ready for analysis. During this process, I am learning how to manage a joint research project and gaining familiarity with Japanese databases such as XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX.I feel strongly that my studies, coupled with my research experience, have provided me with a diverse set of knowledge and skills that make me an excellent candidate for doctoral study in this field. My enthusiasm and good cheer, coupled with sound fundamentals in management theory will provide me with the driving force that I will need to be a successful life-long researcher.


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