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Behaviour of employees at work is an important factor in organizational growth. A satisfied workforce is essential for the success of organizations and their businesses. Dissatisfied employees make organizations dysfunctional in businesses, damaging their financial performance. Such employees, when unattended, do not have loyalty towards their organizations and therefore, cannot deliver the desired results.. They endanger the very existence of their organizations, jeopardizing the creation of national wealth in the long run. Organizations are focusing on enhancing the quality and loyalty of their workforce.The literature on employee satisfaction remains immature compared to that on customer satisfaction. Therefore, employee satisfaction, particularly on employee satisfaction in the higher education sector, still requires study and survey. While several employee satisfaction studies have been performed, very few studies have concentrated on Job Satisfaction among College Teachers. Certain studies have been conducted on national and international level to measure the level of Job Satisfaction of College Teachers. Only a few of them are concerned with assessing the impact of Job Satisfaction of College Teachers on their individual performance and on the performance of their respective institution. Certain studies out of them have concluded that level of Job Satisfaction effects all such variables while in other studies, Job Satisfaction has been taken as a dependent variable in which rather Job Satisfaction depends upon Teachers own performance and on various other factors. None of the study has put a thrust on comparison of Job Satisfaction among Teachers of various Professional and Non-Professional Institutions.


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