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在马来西亚的背景下,Fadzilah、Queiri、Sabarudin和Iskandar(2013)在沙巴市举行的第二届国际管理、经济和金融会议上发表的一项研究表明,Y一代更有可能因为缺乏有趣的工作等原因而辞职。这个问题至关重要,需要组织认真对待,因为Y世代对任何经济体的贡献都是巨大的,他们的员工数量正在快速增长,规模越来越大,以取代即将退休的婴儿潮一代。Y一代在工作中表现出不同的特点,受到领导、发展和技术的影响(Cheong, Hasliza, Yusuf & Desa, 2011)。尽管受访者年龄在21 – 61岁之间,这意味着Y一代婴儿潮一代是受访者的一部分,本文能够提供一个基础框架的马来西亚组织设计策略保留一代Y这是合理的,因为作者研究测试了影响Y一代相似因素来上班时,领导和发展。马来西亚正在加快人力资本的发展,通过生产一流的心态,知识经济和人才为基础。例如,马来西亚人才公司(TalentCorp)负责促进马来西亚的人才管理。TalentCorp面临的最大障碍是人才流失。专业员工选择离开马来西亚到国外工作。TalentCorp提出了一项吸引和留住专业员工的策略,他们提供各种福利,比如税收优惠和工作与生活的平衡。工作与生活的平衡是作者在研究中测试的一个因素,并证明该研究的重要意义确实促进了与人力资源相关的其他机构,如TalentCorp,将这一因素注入他们的保留策略的一部分。知道目前TalentCorp至关重要不断进行研究,以确保目标的实现,因此,本文可以帮助TalentCorp推出一个健壮的蓝图战略留住专业员工,其中TalentCorp可能认为本文的测试因素如社会支持。


In Malaysia context, one study presented at the 2nd International Conference On Management, Economics And Finance in Sabah by Fadzilah, Queiri, Sabarudin and Iskandar (2013) claimed that Generation Y is more likely to quit their job due to several reasons such as lack of fun work. This issue is critical and need to be taken seriously by the organization because the contribution of Generation Y towards in any economy is significant, and they are growing fast and bigger employees to replace the Baby Boomers who are in line of retirement. Generation Y showcase different characteristics when come to work which influence by leadership, developments and technologies (Cheong, Hasliza, Yusuf & Desa, 2011). Despite the respondents’ age range between 21-61 years old in the paper, which mean Generation Y and Baby Boomers are part of the respondents, the paper is capable to provide a foundation framework on how the Malaysia organizations design a strategy to retain the Generation Y. This is rational because the study conducted by the author tested the similar factors that influence Generation Y when come to work, leadership and development.Malaysia is gearing up to beef up the human capital development by producing first class mentality, knowledge-based economy and talent-based. For instance, Talent Corporation Malaysia (TalentCorp) is responsible to facilitate the talent management in Malaysia. The biggest hurdle encountered by TalentCorp is brain drain. The professional employees choose to leave Malaysia and work abroad. TalentCorp has come with a strategy to attract and retain the professional employees which they offer various packages, such as tax exception and work life balance. Work life balance is one factor tested in the author’s study and that it is proven that the significant of the study does promote to other agency that associate to human resource such as TalentCorp to infuse the factor into part of their retention strategy. Knowing the present of TalentCorp is vital to constantly conduct research in order to ensure the objectives are achieved, thus, this paper could help TalentCorp to come out with a robust blueprint regards strategy on retaining professional employees, of which TalentCorp may considers the tested factors in the paper such as social support.


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