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维珍假期开始了它1970年,不提供的度假套餐业务而是用来提供订单记录服务,也是一个学校的学生杂志(论文2010、3杆)。因为今年1970的原始发展迅速,由于其新的和可行的,看到它疼到伟大的高度的经营理念、原始的伟大的性能可以归因于良好的管理决策的负责人作出这样的决定(Kegan 2010,低于标准杆3杆)。通过这一切的时间,度假公司一直在发现和开发新的市场机会,他们总是带来了新的和新的想法,是新的在假日旅游的脸。本公司保证其成功通过提供高质量的产品和服务,还建立了一个市场,消费者的效用最大化,没有去填补缺口(Kegan 2010,低于标准杆3杆)。目前,在飞机、汽车和火车上的运输事宜,该品牌还提供服务,考虑到假期,葡萄酒和手机。维珍集团的最大的发展是“处女之旅”,这包括旅游业和住宿(Kegan 2010,低于标准杆3杆)。



Virgin holidays began its operations in the year 1970 not offering holiday packages but instead it used to offer order records services and was also a school magazine for students (Kegan 2010, par 3). Since the year 1970 virgin has grown rapidly due to its new and viable business ideas that have seen it sore into great heights, the great performance of virgin can be attributed to good management decisions made by the persons responsible for making such decisions (Kegan 2010, par 3). Through all this time, the holiday company has been discovering and exploiting new market opportunities, they have always brought up new and fresh ideas that are new in the face of holiday touring. The company ensures its success by offering high quality products and services and also establishes a market which the consumer utility has not been maximized and goes in to fill the gap (Kegan 2010, par 3). Virgin currently deals with transport matters with regard to planes, cars and trains; the brand also offers services with regard to holidays, wines and mobile phones. The greatest development of the virgin group is the “virgin tour” this comprises of the travelling sector and accommodation (Kegan 2010, par 3).

With the development of technology and information, virgin is now offering services through the new technology, old products and services have been modified also to fit the current state of the art technology (Kegan 2010, par 4). Virgin brands have always kept the big market players at their toes. Virgin is known to be the third most known brand in the British world. However, virgin has recently increased its operations to the global level hence serving a bigger market. At this moment virgin has more than 300 companies worldwide and more than 20000 employees enjoying worldwide annual revenue of more than five billion United States dollars (Centre of Asia Pacific Aviation 2010, pp 2). The companies build up by virgin are autonomous. This means that the virgin holiday sector is independent from the virgin drinks sector (Centre of Asia Pacific Aviation 2010). With regard to holiday and transport, “Virgin” group has the airline Virgin Atlantic which was founded in the year 1984, the airline offers flights to over thirty worldwide destinations and has over 9000 employees, the airline can also be compared to the standards of the whole group since it is a major market player which has also invented and brought new products in the market. The airline has also been given credits for its exemplary services to consumers by winning top awards in the field of commerce.


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