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论文总结怎么写 善良很重要 kindness is important

Victor Hugo said: “The most important quality for a man is kindness.” Why kindness is important? 


Kindness is one most important quality for human being distinguish from the animal. Without kindness, the human being will selfish, indifferent, no sympathy and have no difference from animal.


There are many news about how people unfilial, hurt others maliciously, corrupted and many other immorality. Besides of they are lack of conscience, more important, they had no kindness.  Kindness is to understand each other, care about others. A kind people would like to help others, he will accept the faults in a person. He would not hurt others, and always choose the right to do.


Kindness is important for not only people but also important to the country and the world. If countries have a kind heart, there won’t be wars, and the whole world can be in harmony which will benefit everyone.


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