Marketing 代写:金佰利克拉克公司战略

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Marketing 代写:金佰利克拉克公司战略


在Kimberly Clark价值观的核心,是一个致力于关怀社区的公司的生活和工作。25北美的家乡在该公司经营的35个国家,员工都沉浸在和各社区活动的传统。通过慈善事业和伙伴组织,K-C致力于打造为世界各地的家庭更好的生活,加强社区和作为一个负责任的管家的环境。2009、K-C和员工共捐赠了2270万美元现金和产品的原因和全球超过900000美元的比赛时间由美国员工自愿为社区伙伴计划的一部分。


Marketing 代写:金佰利克拉克公司战略

Kimberly-Clark Corporation has incorporated in Delaware in 1928. The Corporation is a global health and hygiene company focused on product innovation and building its personal care, consumer tissue, K-C Professional & Other and health care brands .The global brands are Huggies, Pull-Ups, Little Swimmers, GoodNites, Kotex, Lightdays, Depend, Poise, Hakle, Page, WypAll, Kimtech, KleenGuard and Kimcare. A number of the Corporation's products, such as diapers, training and youth pants, incontinence care products, disposable wipes and various health care products as Nonwovens, Surgical Drapes and Gowns, Infection Control Products, Face Masks, Digestive Health, Pain Management and Other Disposable Medical Devices.

At the core of Kimberly-Clark's values lies a commitment to caring for the communities where the corporation lives and works . From 25 North American hometowns to the 35 countries in which the corporation operate, the employees are steeped in the traditions and activities of each community. Through the philanthropic efforts and partner organizations, K-C is committed to creating a better life for families around the world, strengthening the communities and being a responsible steward of the environment. In 2009, K-C and the employees donated a total of $22.7 million in cash and product to causes worldwide and more than $900,000 to match time volunteered by U.S. employees as part of the Community Partners program.

The world faced the largest global economic downturn in more than 70 years which brought extraordinary challenges and opportunities for Kimberly-Clark.Global economic conditions could continue to adversely affect the Corporation's business and financial results.Unfavorable economic conditions, including the impact of recessions in the United States and throughout the world, may continue to negatively affect the Corporation's business and financial results.Significant increases in prices for raw materials, energy, transportation and other necessary supplies and services could adversely affect the Corporation's financial results.Increases in the cost of and availability of raw materials, including pulp and petroleum-based materials, the cost of energy, transportation and other necessary services, supplier constraints, an inability to maintain favorable supplier arrangements and relations or an inability to avoid disruptions in production output caused by events such as natural disasters, power outages, labor strikes, and the like could have an adverse effect on the Corporation's financial results.