English Literature 代写 Examining The Significance Of The Crucible

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The significance of the title The Crucible is that it relates to the characters in the play because of the views of the society at the time. It relates to the characters John Proctor, and many others. In the play, John is put to a severe test during many occasions because of his belief and what he thinks is right. Also, the dilemma between his sin (Abigail) and what he could to make things right again with Elizabeth. John is put to a test while choosing to lie and live or die with self respect. As Giles Corey chooses to not say anything and die because he doesn't want to lose his land and his greed.

The play and the movie The Crucible are extremely alike because most of the lines are same and how well the characters are portrayed. There are not much difference except the vulgarity in the movie between John Proctor and Abigail Williams. As John recites his belief in god while he is getting hanged shows that he does belief in God and that these events that have been proceeding are mere revenge against the people in town. Between the endings of the play and the movie, I prefer the ending of the movie because it reveals the true nature of people which is that many innocent people are getting killed and it makes that realize that these events shouldn't be taking place and something must be done about it.

John Proctor foils Reverend Hale because like John Proctor Reverend Hale is honest man and believes in what he think is right. At the beginning of The Crucible, John is man who has fears and is vague but at the end of the play he ends up finding decency and is confident about his decisions. While Reverend Hale in the beginning is a convinced and positive about his beliefs. At the end of the play, he asks John to lie for him to save his life, before he used to speak of the truth about God but now he has become confused.

I do not think that John made the right decision to end his life rather than choosing to stay alive and lie. He made a selfish decision on his behalf, he had many people to think about before choosing to end his life. It is very much permissible to lie and live, people do it everyday to survive for themselves and their loved ones. We are heroes of our self and our loved ones everyday because of the things we do for them each day. A parent has to think of his or her child before choosing to end their life because they have bought someone in the world who is very vulnerable and needs guidance and it is their responsibility to take care of them until they are of age to take of their own children. Though John has taken such a crucial and hasty decision, Elizabeth could have saved him. She could have said many things to change John's mind. Although, Elizabeth wasn't a good wife to John, she could have done something before he could choose to end his life. Through the last line of the play, it seems as Elizabeth forgot to remind herself that its not just "him" in his life but many others with his, and it is not right for him to make a decision of himself even though he had a committed a sin. In the last scene between Elizabeth and John, they discuss about her pregnancy, their children, and whether he should confess or not. and sadly they say their regrets and Elizabeth expresses forgiveness because of her resentment, coldness and disputes that she had expressed and lead on in their marriage.  As John cries to her, "I would have your forgiveness, Elizabeth," to forgive for his dishonesty towards her, Elizabeth reacts by saying, "I have sins of my own to count," to express that she regrets for being so cold to him all this times.  At this point, John declares that he will confess to get his life, but chooses not to go through with it because his name will be in vain.  He hastily decides to tear up the paper and is sent to die. 

Sexual repression is a start of sins of their and the start of sins of others. Miller is saying that John Proctor's infidelity plays a significant role in the novel. Persecuting people as witches is an opportunity for the repressed members of Salem society to publicly proclaim both their own sins and the sins of others. Sexual desire was frowned upon in Puritan society. There are many other motifs that are involves such as prejudice, reputation, accusations, and confession.

A work of art can change many things such as how a person looks at the world, people and themselves. After reading this book I have come to realize that many people are very religious and look at the world in various perspectives and can sacrifice themselves for goodness. A psychology book has changed my outlook of the world because I have learned things that are reachable but I have to work on it. This play has not changed my life although I have gained much knowledge of the people during the puritans.

An American movie of The Crucible wasn't made until 1996 because many people might have still believed in such things as witch do exists or might have feared of such things, such as many people who still believe that these things still exists. Many people are devotees of god and they don't want to go against that and believe that are such as things as god but not as mere symbols of good and evil. So, they decided not to make a movie but instead play because they didn't know how it would turn out and what people would think of it, since McCarthyism was still in process at the time.

A: I do believe that many people rely so much on what is happening outside of their world that they forget to look what it is about that is so much significant. They forget their soul and their divine self. This has been taking place since the start of the human society and this book is a proof of it. The "witches" are an example of the society that they used to live and during this time period we are living the same way its just that our focus in on a different thing.

B: I do not believe in this quote because I do believe that I have gained something from reading this piece of literature.

C: I do not believe that that the true issue is of "repressed sexuality" although that is how Miller sums it up to be because it is about revenge and one's character.

D: I very much agree with the expert of this quote because this person explains the true nature of it is the people and their desires.