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墨尔本代写assignment 工作――生活的一部分 work as a part of life

People’sattitudes towards work vary. Some people consider work as a way to achieve thevalue of life while others regard it as the whole life and spare no pains topursue a successful career. As far as I am concerned, I consider that work is anecessary and significant part in our lives.


Forone thing, it is impossible for us to live without work. Work is not only ameans to provide for ourselves and our family, but also a chance to achieve ourvalue. We can make a living as well as use and display our ability and talentto achieve our value by work. In addition, we can make some friends and developour interpersonal relationship by work to enrich our lives. Those who have nowork will find that their lives are so boring and insignificant.


Foranother, we should be aware of that work is just a means to achieve the valueof life but cannot replace life itself totally. Therefore, we should enjoy ourwork so that we can enjoy our lives better.


Allin all, I advocate that work is a part of life. Thus, we should avoid being theslaves of work.


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