Project Management Assignment 代写 如何充分利用暑假 how to make full use of our summer holiday

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Summer holiday is coming again. It is a pleased and relaxing period for most of students while it is also a boring and dull days. So, let’s try to make this holiday be meaningful and wonderful now.


First, it is necessary to make a plan according to our goals and current conditions. The plan no only includes our wish in entertainment, but also some plans of study. We need to keep learning while we are playing so that we will not feel empty in holiday and will not feel hard to restart next semester. For example, if you are planning to take an English exam in next semester, you can spend some of our leisure to review the relative knowledge. In addition, keep reading is really necessary and important no matter where and when we are.


Second, going to travel or finding a part-time job if possible. To travel or to do a job in holiday is another way to practice ourselves. We can get something from travel or work that we can not get in school or at our courses. However, do not spend the whole holiday in traveling or working so that we can get some time to relax and accompany our family.


Finally,go home to accompany our parents as much as we can. This is a basic principle as a son or a daughter. Besides, our home is also one of the sources of motivation for us to start our new journey.


All in all, make full use of our limited holiday as much as possible.


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