Religion 论文代写:揭幕

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Religion 论文代写:力量的揭幕

记住Jesus Christ在历史上的中心地位,在他的教会和所有的东西。第二章和三章的愿景揭示了耶稣基督对他的教会的信息。当我们阅读并看到这些特别的教会的共同生活时,基督的中心性就不可能丢失了。我们必须记住,教会是灯台;Jesus才是真正的光,照亮世界。我们的目的是作为基督徒的见证那光,是在一个黑暗的世界的光之火炬手。因为Jesus在这些教会中,他知道发生了什么事,他指示约翰给每一个七个的具体指示写上。



Religion 论文代写:力量的揭幕

remember the centrality of Jesus Christ in history, in His Church and in all things. The vision in chapters two and three unveil the message of Christ to His Churches. This centrality of Christ must not be lost as we read and see the common life of these particular churches. We must remember that the Church is the lamp stand; Jesus is the only true light that enlightens the world. Our purpose as Christians is to witness to that light, to be light bearers in a world of darkness. Since Jesus is in the midst of these churches He knows what is going on and He instructs John to write specific instructions to each of the seven.

First, these letters were written to real churches in Asia Minor. This territory is now within the modern boundaries of Turkey. Here you will find described the common spiritual problems and ecclesiastical ills experienced far and near in Christ's churches ever since the first century. We see that Jesus has intimate knowledge of exactly what was going on in each congregation. He also reveals hopes and fears concerning each and every one of them. We should note that every local church is important in His eyes. Because of this loving concern we should take our belonging to church very seriously. We should be concerned that all our congregational operations are run in consideration of His divine will.

Thus the Revelation is viewed as describing the victory of Christ and His people down through history. The Millennium in this approach is not a future event but the final cycle of the book describing the church age. The weaknesses of this view include the failure to see the future nature of many of the prophecies. This view is variously referred to as the spiritual approach, the idealist approach or the symbolic approach and make no attempt to find individual fulfillments of the visions but takes Revelation to be a great drama depicting transcendent spiritual realities, such as the spiritual conflict between Christ and Satan, between the saints and the antichristian world powers, and depicting the heavenly vindication and final victory of Christ and his saints. Fulfillment is seen either as entirely spiritual or as recurrent, finding representative expression in historical events throughout the age, rather than in one-time, specific fulfillments. The Revelation is thus rendered applicable to Christians in any age.