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如何写好论文 做自由职业者还是帮老板打工?work freelance or work for boss

Nowadays more and more people choose towork freelance instead of work for somebody else. It is a shame to workfreelance in the old days, people would said that the one who are self-employedis a lazy man, and this kind of job is not security, they fear of instability. However,the conception is changed, work freelance has been widely accepted by public,me included.


In the first place, one of the biggest advantagesof work freelance is that you are the master of your time. Once you areself-employed, you are able to manage your time by your own wish. You do nothave to get up very early in the morning, especially in a cold winter morning,and take a crowded bus in case you will not late for work, which links directlyto your salary. For me, I would love to stay home in my pajamas rather thanfight through traffic so I can sit in a cubicle all day.


In the second place, work freelance is awonderful gift for an introvert. As you can see, if you are working outside,you can not avoid to working with others. It might be hard to deal withdifferent people in the office. There is one more thing that you can not avoid,which is your social duties, drinking and eating. You can’t say no to this, oryou will said bye to your job. As we know, too much food or wine is not goodfor our body, but as long as the cline feels happy, no one will care too muchof their body.


To sum up, each type of work style has itsown advantages and disadvantages, it is your choice. I think working should bea happy thing, if it isn’t, your life will be a sadly hell.