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Robert Wiseman Dairies过程和提供超过消耗英国的草原鲜奶30%,每天。在阿伯丁经营七大加工乳制品从东基尔布赖德,格拉斯哥、曼彻斯特、Droitwich Spa、奥克汉普顿和Bridgwater,公司始终如一地提供高质量的产品。公司拥有一个强大的多元化的客户群,在多个和独立部门。近年来,Robert Wiseman Dairies的倍数,扩大其业务目前,公司的主要供应商的许多行业领先。这种增长反映了Robert Wiseman Dairies作为领先的液体牛奶公司在英国。这已经实现了三个主要途径。第一个是与我们的农民供应商建立一个强有力的关系。其次,新的和现有的日记和分布应用无与伦比的投资站。第三是通过优秀的客户服务和客户管理。然而,展望未来,Robert Wiseman Dairies的目标是建立在其成功的良好记录,为其所有客户提供质量和服务的无与伦比的结合,进一步提高其整体的英国市场份额。该公司认为,这将提供卓越的长期财务回报的股东,使员工能够充分发挥他们的潜力。

通过看上面的图,Robert Wiseman日记PLC集中近在英国牛奶的关键地区,和他们的仓库,在大城镇和城市,以确保他们的牛奶可以达到每个客户的迅速和时间,因此很新鲜。

通过对企业信息环境的研究,了解了公司的不同类型的信息,以及不同的信息来源,包括正式和非正式的公司。有四点重点放在信息来源。第一个是主要来源,第二个是次要来源,第三个是正式的来源,最后一个是非正式的来源。然而,罗伯特威斯曼日记PLC应用在商业目录的次要来源,增值信息,如市场报告。所以有八个董事本公司,包括Robert Wiseman作为执行董事长,威廉·基恩为常务董事,诺尔曼Murray钡钙年作为非执行董事,厄内斯特J Finch MBE平衡计分卡作为非执行董事,杰克•佩里CBE,平衡计分卡,CA为非执行董事,Gerry Sweeney担任集团财务总监,Martyn Mulcahy为集团业务导演和David Dobbins集团商务总监。


Robert Wiseman Dairies processes and delivers more than 30% of the fresh milk consumed in Britain, every day. Operating from seven major processing dairies in Aberdeen, East Kilbride, Glasgow, Manchester, Droitwich Spa, Okehampton and Bridgwater, the Company consistently provides high quality product. The Company has a strong and diverse customer base, in both the multiple and independent sector. In recent years, Robert Wiseman Dairies has expanded its business with the multiples so that, now, the Company is a major supplier to many of the sector’s leading players. This growth demonstrates Robert Wiseman Dairies’ credentials as the leading liquid milk Company in Britain. This has been achieved in three main ways. The first one that the creation of a strong relationship with our farmer suppliers. The second one that is both new and existing dairies and distribution depots by applied unparalleled investment. And the third one that is through excellent customer care and account management. However, looking forward, Robert Wiseman Dairies aims to build on its strong record of success, providing an unbeatable combination of quality and service to all of its customers to facilitate further increasing its overall British market share. The Company believes that this will offer superior long term financial returns for shareholders and enable employees to fulfill their full potential.

Through see the map above, the Robert Wiseman Dairies plc are centered close to the key milk areas across the UK, and their warehouse around and in big towns and cities so that make sure their milk can reach each customer quickly and on time and therefore very fresh.

Through studied the business information environment, the author understand the different types of information of companies, and the different sources of information that including formal and informal for companies. There are four points focus on the information sources. The first one is primary sources, the second one is secondary sources, the third one is formal sources and the last one is informal sources. However, the Robert Wiseman Dairies Plc applied the secondary sources on business directories, value added information, such as market reports. So there are eight directors in this company, including Robert Wiseman as Executive Chairman, William Keane as Managing Director, Norman L Murray BA CA FRSA as Non-Executive Director, Ernest J Finch MBE BSc as Non-Executive Director, Jack S. Perry CBE, BSc, CA as Non-Executive Director, Gerry Sweeney as Group Finance Director, Martyn Mulcahy as Group Operations Director and David Dobbins as Group Commercial Director.



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