Statistics Assignment 代写 中国的地震发生得比以往多了?more earthquakes happened in china than before

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In recent years, Chinese people think thatthere are so many disasters happened in China, especially the earthquake. Thenewspapers is flooded with the reports about the big earthquakes such as thosehappened in Wen chuan,Ya’an, and Gan Su. Some people are becoming confused andasking: Did earthquakes happen more frequently than before? Why? Actually,China is always the most affected by earthquake in the world.


The first reason why people deem moreearthquake disasters happened than the past is that they don’t familiar withgeography situations of their own country. The experts said that most Chinesepeople are not familiar with the truth that China is the one of the countriesmost affected by earthquake in the world. It is said that the in the westernregion of China the earthquake on the frequency and intensity is higher than inthe eastern region. The reason why people do not hear the news about westernregion’s earthquakes is that few people lived in these places and no one died.


The second reason is that the advancementof communication technology and people’s more attentions on the environmentalproblems. With the different kinds of exploitation and the destruction of theenvironment, more and more people become to notice that the earth has beenhotter and hotter, which the widely spread phenomenon--global warming--iswell-known for Chinese. So they begin to care about the relationship with thenature. Besides the advanced communication technology like the Internet, TV,and radio help the bad news about disaster spread all over the country and eventhe world. These reports about disaster flooded the newspaper, TV, and thewebsite, thus making people think there are so many earthquakes happened.


 In a word, people have the wrongthought of more earthquakes happened in China than before is because the lackof knowledge on their country’s geography, and the misunderstanding made by theemerged overwhelming news.