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文书代写 论广告 on advertisement

Speaking of advertisement, some people dohave a bad feeling for it. They argue that it happens quite often that whenthey are enjoying a movie, then advertisement pop up and disappoint them.While, some people believe that advertisement is great for they are informed ofsome new and inexpensive products or other things. In my point of view, I thinkadvertisement is a disaster. Reasons are as follows.


First of all, most advertisements are fullof fake information. Most manufacturers prefer to advertise their products;hence they will try to use exaggerated and even fake information to attractcustomers.


Secondly, advertisement can be annoying.When people are watching TV programs or listen to radios, if advertisement breaksin by midway, then people will get annoyed because ads make them forget whatthey are watching or listening.


Thirdly, ads cheat on customers. For mostcustomers, they would buy the products pasted in advertisement because theybelieve what the ads say. Since advertisements are usually dishonest, mostcustomers will find themselves cheated after they buy the product in ads.


All in all, since advertisement is soannoying, full of fake information and cheat on customers, I don’t thinkadvertisement is popular among us.


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