Marketing Essay 代写: 丰田汽车

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Marketing Essay 代写: 丰田汽车

危机困扰丰田作为世界上最大的汽车制造商没有显示出疲弱迹象。Akio Toyoda解释在美国国会前24二月2010仍不接受因为Akio先生没有明确要求事故,但迄今为止唯一的'道歉美国和丰田车的车主在美国。而在美国发生了34起事故,显然是因为油门踏板粘在地板上。

到目前为止,丰田并没有满足美国社会的兴趣(和世界)的情况下,是事故原因为。这使得一些国会议员气愤地对Akio Toyoda,对丰田汽车公司创始人的孙子出现在美国国会的民主党议员说。”丰田章男至今只是请求原谅的没有帐户的事故的原因”。

丰田是采取措施克服的情况太晚了。这是很意外应对危机方式,在的通信必须立即解除失望避免谣言和投机信息可能蔓延。Jim Lentz解释,在美国丰田汽车销售公司的总裁,是晚并没有满足公众。

Marketing Essay 代写: 丰田汽车

The crisis that gripped the Toyota as the world's largest car manufacturer has not shown signs of flagging. Akio Toyoda explanation in front of the U.S. Congress on 24 February 2010 is still not acceptable because Mr. Akio does not clearly call for an accident, but so far 'only' apologized to the Americans and the owners of Toyota cars in the U.S.. Whereas in the United States had happened 34 accidents which apparently occurred because of the sticky gas pedal to the floor.

So far, Toyota does not satisfy the interest of the American society (and world) about the cases that are considered as the cause of the accident. This makes some members of Congress angrily to Akio Toyoda, grandson of the founder of Toyota Car Company when appearing in the U.S. Congress. Democratic congressman says "Akio Toyoda so far 'just ask for forgiveness' without giving an account of the cause of the accident".

Toyota is considered far too late to take steps to overcome the situation. This is quite unexpected ways of tackling the crisis, in which the communication must be done immediately to relieve the disappointment and avoid possible spread of rumours and speculative information. Explanation Jim Lentz, president of Toyota Motor Sales in the U.S., is considered late and did not satisfy the public.

Why Toyota has such an immense failure? Is this the fault of the "Toyota Way"? In the recent years, Toyota is exceedingly careful in adding their resources. They also are maintaining their close relationships with other companies. They always focus on their motto "Toyota Way" to maintain the quality of their cars. In recent years, Toyota looks hurried want to be number one car company. They built their Asset worldwide in order to meet high-consumer demand. So is this the responsibility of "Toyota Way"? The answer is not. By modernize the "Toyota Way", Toyota hopes to meet customer needs. Unfortunately, this is not supported with sufficient resources to develop new supply while maintaining their quality.