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英国硕士论文 The Fine Line Between Love And Hate

有一个恒定的并置和替代的爱与恨的小说。爱和恨,虽然他们似乎是极性对立的来源类似的经验,这两个对一个确认上帝的存在。在他对Sarah Maurice的恨忍不住说,这是因为他爱她。在她对Maurice Sarah的爱是带向上帝,希望她能够拯救他。另一方面,德里克斯对莎拉的爱使得他进一步拒绝上帝尽管他认为上帝是真的。在完成莎拉的心愿毛里斯住在助长她的信仰和信念,Bendrix的反感神他现在承认与仇恨,因为她新发现的Faith带她离开他。



There is a constant juxtaposition and replacement of love and hate in the novel. Love and hate though they seem to be polar opposites stem from similar experiences and both of these towards a sense of confirmation of God’s existence. In his hate for Sarah Maurice cannot help but say that this is because he loves her. In her love for Maurice Sarah was brought toward God in hope that she would be able to save him. On the other hand Bendrix’s love for Sarah causes him to further reject God despite his conclusion that God is real. In fulfilment Sarah’s wish for Maurice to live fuelling her belief and faith, Bendrix’s antipathy for a God He now acknowledges with hatred because her new found Faith takes her away from him.

In their relationship both found God but with different ends. In Bendrix though he concludes that there is a God this belief stems from suffering which makes the God in his mind a God who is not a good, a God who is a devil. In the last portion of the novel Bendrix refers to God and the leap of faith; “You’re a devil, God, tempting us to leap.” This animosity of the leap seems to stem from fear more than just bitterness and hatred. In clinging onto this hatred it seems that he is clinging onto Sarah’s physical being, “You can touch hair with your lips and fingers and I was tired to death of the mind. I had lived for her body and I wanted her body.” Bendrix as a character is grounded by the profane as described by Otto. He constantly seeks proof and this is what makes him refuse to take a leap of faith. Clinging onto something he can hold onto and yet have it taken away is the embodiment of suffering. Even his hatred is related to something material and profane, “Hatred is in the brain, not in my stomach or skin”. This clinging and fear leaves little room for hope in the way Marcel describes it.

Sarah on the other hand experiences love in way that it opens her up to hope. To the possibility of more, the possibility of a higher power. The strange thing about this opening up to God is that it becomes like an exchange. Giving up her affair with Maurice for her new found relationship with God. The possibility of Sarah’s relationship with God would have been unfounded though without her carnal love. Her trade in a way is a quest to save Maurice with the condition that she must not see him again so that he may have the possibility of happiness. To believe in something other than herself, this belief comes naturally in her loving Maurice. “I’ve fallen into belief like I fell in love. I’ve never loved before as I love you, and I’ve never believed in anything before as I believe now.”


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