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英文论文代写 圣诞节 christmas day

Mostwesterners always celebrate Christmas Day as their major festival, in order tomemorialize Jesus. During that time, they always have several days off, so theycan enjoy this festival with all their hearts. The children often get togetherwith their friends. The adults are busy with decorating their houses. They alsosend the postcards with their best wishes to each other. In the streets, thereare so many Fathers Christmas sending presents to the passers-by. Andeverything is on a discount in the supermarkets. Thus the supermarkets are thebusiest places.


Inthe evening, the families usually have pudding, sandwiches, apple pies and someother desserts for dinner. After supper, the families always sing and dancearound the Christmas tree. Sometimes, they also go to church. Before going tobed, the children often hang up their stockings beside their bed, so thatFather Christmas will fill them with presents. It is said that Father Christmasalways drives a deer to the human world and entering into each house from thechimney. Now the children no longer believe in Father Christmas, but they stillhang up their stockings, because their parents will fill them with presents.




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