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Nowadays people's life develops quite rapidly. Many things have changed over the last century. Old buildings are relaced by skyscrapers. Telephone, air-conditioner, TV, digital camera, computer and the Internet have taken their place in our life. We have stepped into Information Age. We are always enjoying the newest digital products. With all these hi-tech products, people are leading a more and more colorful life. They are enjoying life more than ever in their spare time. They can watch movies, surf the Internet, take a holiday and so on. How different the present life is from the previous one when people couldn't even feed themselves. What's more, it differs a lot as well in transportation. Various modern means of transpot have taken the place of human feet and horses. People can take aeroplanes, subways, even maglevs and so on. They offer people much convenience. That is to say, people needn't feel worried for wasting a great deal of time travelling any more. However, while people are enjoying the changes caused by hi-tech, something still remains the same. For example, those traditional customs and festivals, especially the custom that people gather to have dinner as well as ethical culture forms like Peking Opera, ancient architecture and traditional food. Peking Opera is spreading throughout. As to ancient architecture like Siheyuan and Hutong, people are still preserving them well as the symbol of the whole nationality's historical culture. As for traditional food, people are still used to eating it. Even though the world has been extremely highly developed and there are many foreign cultures are pouring into China, traditional food is still the mainstream. So, I think, although those hi-tech products bring along unprecedented creature comfort, traditional cultures will stay unchanged and they will develop further. And on the original basis, it must creat miracles one after another, because it belongs to the souls of our Chinese nationality.


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