Coursework 代写 an unforgettable event一件难忘的事(一)

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          It was a sunny day, and I sat under a tree with a story book in my hand. When I open the book, a childish voice entered my ears, “Sister Hui, Play games with me, OK?” It was the daughter of my neighbors, she was only four years. “I am sorry, Xiao Mei. I have to read the book. Go there and play with yourself, OK?”

          Maybe half an hour later, Xiao Mei’s grandma came and asked in impatiently, “Have you seen Xiao Mei?” I raised my head, “Just there!” But I saw nobody there. “Where is she?” Her grandma was in great suspense. “I don’t know, just now I saw her there. Let’s look around.” We looked here and there, but we couldn’t find Xiao Mei. “Will she be in danger?” The grandma looked very grief. “River! Maybe she is there.” I cried. When we came to the river, the water was peaceful. “Maybe she has fell into the river.” The grandma screamed. She called some young people, and they jumped into the river. At that time, I felt very fear, and I was afraid that Xiao Mei was in the river.

         Ten minutes later, a man cried, “I caught something!” Then we saw a girl surface, and she was Xiao Mei. “Xiao Mei! Xiao Mei!” Her Grandma stretched out her arms to her. She put her on the floor, placed her hands just above her stomach, pressed in and in. Water flew out from Xiao Mei’s mouth. Some time later, the doctor came; after examined carefully, he shook his head, “I am sorry. It was too late.” Her grandma burst out crying, “How could I tell your mother and father? Why did you go to the river? I have told you many times not to play with water. Why?” However, Xiao Mei couldn’t hear the painful call. She slept forever.

Now, many people have forgotten this event, but I can’t. Maybe I feel regretful. If in that day I played with Xiao Mei, the tragedy wouldn’t happen. So lovely a girl, she should grow up happily, but because of my negligence, she lost her life.

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