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Talakad位于河的左岸Cauvery。最重要的旅游兴趣是一个庙叫Vaideshwara 4世纪。这殿躺沉没在河床下面多年直到开挖后恢复到原来的状态。这个地方沙丘蔓延整个地区。每12年期间镇是活着Panchalinga Darshana节日期间。最好的时间是在任何时间。如果希望一天或一个周末度假Shivanasamudram可以是一个理想的选择。这个地方是与卫生行动框架有关Cauvery分裂成和产生的两个惊人的瀑布。他们ar gaganchukki barachukki下降。Gaganchukki坐落dargah很近。到达这里是危险的和游泳更深度的水是未知和路径与光滑的岩石。很短的距离dargah Barachukki瀑布。一个非常陡峭的楼梯是由岩石和深水池形成。Barachukki瀑布,coriacle竞选仅Rs。10。


Talakad lies on the left bank of the river Cauvery. The most significant place of tourist interest is a 4th century temple called Vaideshwara temple. This temple lay sunken underneath the river bed for several years until it was restored to its original state after excavation. This place has sand dunes spread all across the region. Every 12 years the town comes alive during Panchalinga Darshana which is a festive season. The best time to come here is anytime of the year. If one is wishing for a single day or a weekend getaway Shivanasamudram can be an ideal choice. This place is where Cauvery splits into haf and gives rise to two stunning waterfalls. They ar gaganchukki and barachukki falls. Gaganchukki is situated very near to a dargah. Reaching here is risky and swimming even more as the depth of water is unknown and the path is laid with slippery rocks. A very short distance away from dargah is Barachukki falls. A very precipitous staircase is made out of rocks here and a deep pool of water is formed here. At the Barachukki falls, coriacle rides are run for a mere Rs. 10.


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