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According to Gardner (1983), every person has a different kind of mind and there are 7 types of intelligences that people can use to learn in a way that’s easier for them to learn. One of these intelligences is musical. People with musical intelligence can learn a lesson by turning it into a song. Learning how to speak a new language can become easy while listening to music. Listening and singing along to music of the language that you want to learn helps you learn how to pronounce the words correctly; it expands your vocabulary, and it teaches you some typical phrases from that culture. Musicians are able to learn new languages even faster, since they are able to turn sound patterns into words. They’re able to do this because they have to learn how to recognize specific sounds within melodies and have to compose their own music. Learning how to play an instrument at a young age can help improve your reading skills. The brain can adapt and change while you train and exercise it. Playing an instrument teaches the brain to choose what’s more important in a complicated process, like reading and communicating. In an investigation made by Piro and Ortiz, they took two groups of children that were as similar as possible, apart from knowing how to play an instrument, and they analyzed that at the end of the year, the group that had taking music lessons had better vocabulary and verbal sequencing scores than the group that didn’t take lessons.


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