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Bruner believed that learning takes place when students become problem solvers and by exploration, which is part of the teacher’s task. As students test hypotheses and develop generalizations, they interact with the environment around them and discover solutions. When they discover their own solutions, they will better remember what was taught (Bruner 2006) .According to Bruner(1960) in “discovery learning”, teachers’ participation is small and they undertake the part of the instructor. Students create their knowledge with logical conclusions. He supported that the most effective way to learn is by discovering rather than by being told the answer by the teacher. Bruner also gives emphasis to social factors and the impact that parents and educators have on this.The musical teaching model of Swanwick(1979) is called CLASP and is based on five music activities and aims on students’ aesthetic growth. These activities are: Composition, Literature, Audition, Skills acquisition and Performance.


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