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在大多数情况下,它会导致工作不满,低生产率和分别低的服务质量。研究人员发现,有缺乏积极和工作满意度之间的强相互作用和教育(戈登,1975;韦弗,1975)。的一个假设是,高等教育的学生期望在年奖励他们的工作,他们的期望没有得到满足的时候容易导致不满的工作位置(赖特和汉密尔顿,1979)。然而,最近的一项统计显示,大部分是离开这个国家的人的数量在25 – 29岁之间(NSI)的年轻人。这意味着更高的教育,在保加利亚的年轻人更愿意工作和出国寻找更好的工作机会,而不是发展自己的技能在家里直接反映在保加利亚经济的不同分支,即经营与年轻和合格的干部。这是一个合理的解释为什么保加利亚酒店业迫切需要合格的员工和经理可以提供良好的服务质量和竞争能力与其他受欢迎的酒店行业,如土耳其、希腊、马耳他等。


In most cases, it leads to job dissatisfaction, low productivity and respectively to low quality of service. Researchers have found that there is absence of positive and strong interaction between job satisfaction and education (Gordon, 1975; Weaver, 1978). One of the assumptions is that the students with higher education expect their work during the years to be rewarded and when their expectations are not met it easily leads to dissatisfaction of the job position (Wright and Hamilton, 1979).However, a recent statistic shows that the number of people who mostly leave the country are young people between 25-29 years old (NSI). This means that higher educated or not, young people in Bulgaria prefer to work and to look for a better career opportunities abroad instead of develop their skills at home which directly reflects on the different branches of the Bulgarian economy, namely to operate with young and qualified cadres. It is a reasonable explanation why Bulgarian hospitality industry desperately has a need of qualified employees and managers who can offer good quality of service and ability to compete with other popular hospitality industries such as Turkey, Greece, Malta etc.


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