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With Capitalism growth dependent on private corporation and interests, an individual’s success and prosperity is determined by his/her hard work and contribution. Everyone has the right to pursuit profit. However, with Communism, the state controls the productivity and success of the country, and aims to bring equal prosperity to the whole population regardless of how hard each individual works or whatever their merits. However, the problem is that not everyone is born with the same mindset. Some people are born with the ambition to succeed. They want to attain more things in life than they are given and are willing to work hard to reach their goals, while some people are fine with living with an average life, in which everyone is treated equally. Communism hinders motivated individuals who want to succeed. On the other hand, it helps out the unmotivated people who are unproductive in the society. The individual lacks the incentive to work hard because there is no difference in pay. Workers were paid based on minimum wage and there wasn’t enough disposable income to spend on other luxury goods. However, in the 1920s, Communism caused the Soviet Union to achieve rapid industrialization and economic success through productivity, but this growth came at a high cost. Stalin allowed some private enterprises to build factories in the Soviet Union and learned these private enterprises’ techniques. He confiscated last stockpiles of grains from peasants to export them abroad and use them to finance industrial expansion. In order to achieve modern industrialization, he forced many people to work as slaves. This method of economic growth by repression wasn’t sustainable after WWII as the Soviet Union acquired more countries. It was harder for the Soviet Union to control and repress the people of these countries who weren’t supportive of Communism. Moreover, the Soviet Union secluded itself to improve by excluding new technology to enter into the Soviet market. The lack of innovation and technological improvement also slowed down the productivity for the Soviet Union. The incentives for people to work and innovate were gone. As a result, the productivity in the communist states was much lower than the productivity in other non-communist countries, which ultimately affected their economies. This table below shows the decrease in productivity for the Soviet Union.


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