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Spicy chocolates have gained recognition in many parts of the world and are rapidly gaining the attention of chocolate fanatics throughout the globe. Sri Lanka has a strong relationship with spices; it is one of the most important spice trading hubs of ancient times. Therefore Sri Lanka’s reputation with regard to spices gives us the added advantage to link the Serendib Spicy Chocolates with the country’s reputation which can be a highly effective advertising tool.

Canada’s chocolate imports amounted to approximately US$ 676 million in 2009 & this gives us an idea of how large the industry is thereby showing us that the market is penetrable. The climate and weather conditions in Canada are very cold it will also add up as an advantage for our company as spices can help to build heat in the body, another factor is that there is a large Sri Lankan community in Canada, who would instantly like to consume Sri Lankan products, which will also be helpful for word of mouth publicity among other nationalities in the country.


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