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论文写作 超前消费spending money in advance

Nowadays, the consumer credit is becoming more popular and people’s consumption idea is changing. Some people tend to spend tomorrow’s money for today’s comfort. They believe that anticipating tomorrow’s money benefits the individuals as well as the society. In my point of view, I agree with this.


In the first place, for the individual, spending tomorrow’s money can make one enjoy the products or services that one can not afford at the present. Definitely there are times when one’s purchasing power can not meet one’s current needs of necessities, and anticipating tomorrow’s money can solve this problem. For instance, many families that can not pay cash for major items such as houses, cars, furniture and appliances are able to purchase them without cash on the installment plan.


In the second place, something unexpected may happened any time. For normal families, once family member are terribly ill, which needs a barrel of money. The consumer credit could play an important role in this situation, it could save lives.


To addition, spending tomorrow’s money contributes to the progress of our society. Overspending, which means a satisfied large demand for the consumer products, can help shape a better production structure, drive forward our economy and invigorate the whole society eventually.


In a word, using tomorrow’s money is a better way to make the individuals as well as the society goes round.


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