Make My Assignment 长假的利弊the pros and cons of long holidays

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 About five years ago, Chinese government made the decision of canceling the Golden Week, which is a long holiday for the working people. Such decision has caused the public’s heat discussion. Long holidays give people the time to relax, while long holidays have draws, too.

On the one hand, long holidays provides the time for working people to go home and stay with family. Most people go to work far away from their homes, the far distance causes them lack of enough time to visit parents on weekends. So if they want to spend time with family, long holidays will be needed. Chinese tradition pays special attention to the family union, the long days of vacation give people the chance to stay with family.

On the other hand, long holidays provides the time for people relax and go for travel, the flooded with tourists in the scenic sites and spots damage the preservation of historic things. We see from the news that when holiday comes, the famous tourist site are full of people, the purpose of enjoying the scenery is being missed, we only see numerous heads.

Though long holiday have pros and cons, I believe that long vacation is better than short vacation, people need to relax from long time’s work.

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