Marketing Essay 代写: 市场全球化有助于宜家

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Marketing Essay 代写:  市场全球化有助于宜家






生产的全球化意味着一个公司提供商品和服务,从世界各地赶在成本和土地之类的生产要素质量的差异,不同国家的劳动和资本(国际业务:亚洲视角,Charles W.L. Hill,周后喂,Krishna Udayuasankar,7页)。例如,降低棉花套子的成本,宜家已经集中生产在欧洲和中国四个供应商价格的克利潘,一个产品生产的宜家,可以减少约1999和2005之间的40%。


Marketing Essay 代写:  市场全球化有助于宜家

Economic of scale, by providing a fixed standard of product to customer worldwide, IKEA can producing their product in a large amount to earn the benefit that bring form economic of scale, it means the average cost of one product is reduced.

Cost reduction, most of the product, store, and advertisement of IKEA are similar or even the same when it is promoted so IKEA does not need to invest extra additional cost in developing new product, new advertisement. By using such method the cost of designing, advertising could be lower.

Process simplifying, because of the standardized of products, the procedures of producing product and promotion could be simplified, as IKEA does no need to design a new product for a different market and promote it, with such strategy the time of production could be shorter, then the efficiency of operation is increased, thus the competitive of IKEA would be increased.

Easier to build up company image, globalization of market make IKEA to build up their image easier, as they are using the same marketing strategy among the world, for example, they open large warehouse stores festooned in the blue and yellow color, to make the consumers to remember IKEA easily and enable IKEA to apply their image worldwide, and also other purpose, such as advertisement. Then increase their soundness.

Globalization of market enables IKEA to lower the sales price of their products, and increase the efficiency therefore to increase their competitive, therefore to attract more customers to purchase from them, as a result increase the income that earn IKEA and enable it to grow.

Globalization of production means a company source goods and services from place around the world to catch the differences in the cost and quality of factor of production like land, labor and capital in different country(International Business: An Asian Perspective, Charles W.L. Hill, Chow-Hou Wee, Krishna Udayuasankar, Page 7). For example, to reduce the cost of the cotton slipcovers, IKEA has concentrated production in four suppliers in Europe and China so the price of the Klippan, one of the product producing by IKEA, could be reduced by around 40% between 1999 and 2005.

Globalization of production is all concerning about to reducing the cost, increasing quality and how to make the production more effective, like IKEA was manufactured their product in their home country, Sweden, but soon they transferred their production to lower-cost supplier in Poland. It is because they using the concept of globalization of production, and seeking the lower and higher quality and efficiency in producing their product.